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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 2, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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this thursday, february the 2nd, 2012. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith, opinion, analysis and o'reilly begins now. i'lli back here tomorrow when it will be friday. >> bill:. >> bill: tonight. president obama believes that a safety net is all we need. >> newt gingrich going after romney going after the comment and we'll have no spin analysis. >> occupied wall street protestors interrupt a pro-life rally in rhode island throwing condoms at catholic school girls. we'll will have a special report. >> patriots are going to win, i don't care one or by 50. >> jesse waters on the bitter rivalry between new york and
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boston over the superbowl and politics is. >> pro giants, go blue, another superbowl. >> bill: caution you are about to enter the no-spin zone. 9 factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. mitt rom romney and poor americans. we predicted last night. the fact that he addressed poor people in rather business like way is now a national issue. >> i'm in this race because i care about americans. i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net and if it needs repair i'll fix it. the very rich is doing just fine. i'm concerned about the heart of america that is the 90% of americans that are struggling. >> bill: the governor used a poor choice of words with the very poor and left is running
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wild with it. so are some on the right. >> governor romney and president obama seem to believe that a, quote, safety net is all the poor needs. i don't believe that. what the poor need is a trampoline they soe they can spring up. >> bill: let's take a look at poverty in america. right now there are close to 50 million poor people in the u.s.a. back in 1964 it stood at 19% of the population. so the great society programs were launched by president lyndon johnson. more than 16 trillion dollars have been spent on welfare payments to the poor. heritage foundation estimates over the next ten years, an additional $10 trillion will be spent but the poverty rate is down 4 points. 16 trillion, four percentage point decline. welfare is not the trampoline newt gingrich is talking about. the dilemma for governor
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romney is this, he is a rich guy. contrast that image to president obama who portrays himself as an organizer. he wants a massive intervention to redistribute income to the poor. that is what obamacare is all about. that is what tax the riches is all about. romney says, no, he wants the private sector to create jobs that will lead more people out of poverty. in the meantime, romney says he'll keep the welfare safety net in place. mistake he is making that he is not dealing with the true causes of poverty thereby showing real concern. that is what all politicians should do and causes are these: poor education, addiction, irresponsible behavior and laziness. that is right far left people. some folks are lazy. education front. america spent the highest amount in the world except for switzerland.
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so if they aren't learning it's because of awful teachers and not money. addiction, 10% of the american population is involved with substance abuse. finally, irresponsible behavior. if you are a criminal and go to prison, you are going to have a hard time getting a good job. if you have a giant tattoo of a scorpion on the neck, i.b.m. will not hire you. personal choices can lead to prosperity or dereliction. there is usually a reason people are poor in a country that has more opportunity than any other place on earth. it almost always comes back to personal circumstances. all the government in the world is not going to change that. that is what governor romney should be taking but and that is what barack obama should be talking about and newt gingrich and everyone else. reaction joining us lawn ra ingraham. so the conservatives talk about the poverty thing.
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what do you think about that? >> i think you hit the nail on the head, bill. the increasingly want tier solutions. they've heard both sides of the political aisle finger pointing. this has been going on for some time. now, we see country really on the brink. latest cbo report painting a very grim picture on this economy moving forward in the foreseeable future. when we talk about the poor, middle-class, i think we know what governor romney was tg about, but nevertheless he hasn't marinated himself in the conservative philosophy. >> bill: how do you do that? have i marinated myself? >> i think so. you are familiar maybe than the governor infused in business and doing the olympics and bain and all the stuff he was doing. but he wasn't maybe going back to listen ronald reagan's 1964
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speech time to choose. he back in 64 sounded alarm about this government dependency that we were about to start triggering with the war on poverty. he knew about it in 1964 and for decades conservative writers have been looking at it. to lift up the economy and unleash free enterprise. the language was not the best. >> bill: and his words and barack obama desperately wrong and newt gingrich doesn't repay address that. four things i pinpointed, that is the caution of poverty. >> break down the family. >> bill: break down the family has to do with the irresponsible behavior that i talked about. the family breaks down, the adults don't do what they should do and the children suffer.
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then the children are educated and terrible environment where they don't learn anything and they learn bad habits living with their parents. but the government can't legislate that so there is going to be poor people, always? >> and conservative concern, the instinct much to say like a boardroom problem solver. he is fix-it guy. newt flashed the conservative watching this that everybody -- mitt romney is not going to be the standard bearer of a new conservatism. he seize a problem and he puts out. >> bill: i'll tell you what if -- you should have heard me in the warmup. if mitt romney is elected president, he will governor to
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the right. he has no choice. he has to. >> and he a problem solver and again everyone wanting him. he is going to speak like reagan did or talk like paul ryan. i don't think that is what his strength is. maybe just maybe he needs to do what he is best at. his surrogates can go out and make the philosophical case. >> bill: trump may be is endorsing him. >> but he has to avoid the saturday night live. >> bill: he has to say that. is trump marinated? >> think he is marinated in the right thinking on our trade policy. yes. >> bill: i love it. i did a radio and commentary. >> we are interelectric tools on the radio and we have a hard
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time phrasing things correctly. >> bill: and on the white house enemy's list and president obama doing the same thing as richard nixon did. occupy protestors throw condoms at catholic school girls coming on up. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. [worker 1:] we need to produce our own energy. [announcer:] and, the architect who says... [worker 2:] we need environmental protection. [announcer:] we say, you're right. find out how natural gas answers both at
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>> bill: impact segment charges that president obama has an enemy had list. the koch brothers are on it. they run a conglomerate. they are worth $25 billion each. they are conservative donating about $3 million to republican causes since 1990. reports that a men did massive to conservative groups this year. on january 18th president obama released this ad. >> secret billionaires attacking president obama and independent watchdogs caused his record on ethics, president obama. to strength the economy. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> reference to secretive billionaires is the koch
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brothers. >> let's walk through this. enemies' list. is there an enemies' list at the white house and other names on them? >> it's clear the president has certain people in his crosshairs. after all this is a gentleman who said, never bring knife to a gunfight. but we think since 2010 a sustained okay stated smear campaign against private individuals. >> bill: you are not saying this is a written list ordinary the koch brothers are on it. that probably true. what has the white house done to your bosses? what have they done? >> let's dial back the clock to
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2010 at a private fund-raiser, high dollar fund-raiser, he went after a group and made a similar reference to one of the brothers that really wasn't an american company. following on the heels of that, highly placed administration official got on the phone with some reporters and accused koch industries of not paying taxes. this is i think malicious. >> bill: irs giving you a hard time? >> actually there is a building next could ch industries, some implication of the size of the government footprint, it's occupied full time by the irs. goldstein's approach was wrong. there is no such thing as a casual reference to an american company on a call like that when
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we --. >> bill: have you been unfairly audited by the irs? >> we get audited every year. i can't say we have been unfairly audited but a white house official accused the company of not paying their taxes appropriately on the feen phone call with this reporter. >> bill: under the clinton administration i was audited three years in wreo. i was targeted. i was targeted by the irs because of political reasons. we had to tell them that if it continued there was going to be trouble, big trouble. now, the thing that i have seen against the koch brothers is a number of left publications attacking them. that is done in coordination. the attacks come with could have ch industries dealing with iran, they did the little g.e. get around to deal with iran when
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they shouldn't. you say? >> i said they did business with iran very minimal amount. they decided voluntarily to cease years ago. i think it was about $20 million in u.s. dollars over a long period of time. they voluntarily held themselves to a higher standard than u.s. law. ens that --. >> bill: but they are not doing it now. >> they voluntarily ceased and voluntarily held themselves to a higher standard. compare that to the lack of coverage of g.e.. >> bill: we know the deal. got two more questions and i have short amount of time. >> massachusetts koch industries is one of top air polluters in the u.s.a.? >> they are one of the largest manufacturers. there is list of people who in their industries creating -- if
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you look at the list. u.s. manufacturer these are people with one side they want to help manufacturing jobs. on the other side they are calling other things. >> bill: global warming legislation, they fight that. $200 million is going to be donated? >> i have not heard that figure. i have not heard that figure. i hope there is a fierce engagement on both sides. i think this debate is profound. >> bill: what figure have you heard? >> i have not heard a definitive figure. >> bill: but there will be some money to obama pacs, fair? >> i think there will be resources directed to engage in this debate. if there was a reference, dollar deficit. >> bill: i'm trying to get on
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the record what is going to happen. if the brothers want to talk to me. we are wide open for it. occupy protestors throw condoms in rhode island. and bitter rivalry in the superbowl, now in the political level, as well. we're coming right back. ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow, ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums [ male announcer ] for our town.
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>> bill: cultural warriors a disturbing story at pro-life rally, protestors interrupted the demonstration.
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>> bill: in addition to that, they threw condoms at catholic school girls and shouted down a priest that was trying to lead a prayer. margaret hoover and gretchen carlson. this story is under reported on the national level because it makes the occupy wall street people look terrible. two dozen show up in providence, rhode island and they sing patriotic songs and they have prayers and have a vigil. then what happened when the occupiers show up? >> they've been doing this 39 years right to life. occupy wall street and possibly another group rhode island sexism league may have been responsible for this. they chanted allowing the priests not to say the prayers they have normally done. they physically assaulted, maybe
5:23 pm
that is too strong of a word, they bumped a state representative. they called the xom police. third thing they did, according to the quote, they threw condoms from the balcony some came down on the catholic girls. me they were announced being from religious school. >> you know they were from the pro-life crowd. look.... >> bill: let's stay with the facts. anybody arrested that we know of? >> no one arrested but representative was hit in the head with some of the signs. didn't turn violent necessary i but police were notified ahead of time because the organizer of the event had seen some of this
5:24 pm
hag in washington, d.c. the week before. there had been things indicating on his facebook page that to be prepared. capital police were on alert. and it turned into a moss pit. >> bill: how do we know they were occupy protestors? >> they took responsibility. they acknowledged on the facebook page in their conversations they were there protesting. irony of all this occupy crowd had asked the city of providence for a homeless bill. city couldn't provide so the catholic church provided it. >> bill: so the catholic church is sheltering them and then they go out. >> we never heard back a statement from the rhode island sectarian league or sexism league. >> bill: i don't care about them but i do care about the occupy wall street people. this is not an economic protest.
5:25 pm
that is not what occupy wall street really is. this is far left social movement designed to attack people with whom they disagree and the pro-life movement is target number one. >> that is some of the things their signs said. high school girls, abortion doctors are my hero and there a picture of jesus and some signs i can't really say on national television. >> they are trying to figure out what the occupy wall street movement stands for. we know what happened before. planned parenthood rallies in the same rotunda. here is the occupy wall street and not a single one of them but. >> bill: occupy wall street isn't in support of anything. they don't like barack obama. they are really far left.
5:26 pm
>> let me show you an interesting spot. they say they represent 99% but the latest polls show 50% of americans are actually against abortion. >> bill: right. all right. the reason y we do theeg these segments. what we said at the beginning is absolutely true. far left anarchist movement. ladies, good work. we appreciate it. we are sorry about the girls in rhode island. we're sorry you had to go through that. it's part of the process in this country. factor moves along, megyn kelly on whether eric holder go down. jesse waters on the rivalry in the superbowl. >> what do you have to say about that. >> on the o'reilly factor they have a segment called patriots
5:27 pm
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i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> bill: as you know the big superbowl game in indianapolis between giants and patriots sunday night. boston rivalry is intense in sports and jesse waters would flush it out. ♪ ♪ what is your prediction for the game? >> 20-17. >> 28-18. >> 27-20. >> sometimes it ends up 6-3. >> tom brady, big asset for him? >> i think a little wager in college. >> khuik schumer and wage ordered class.
5:31 pm
>> that is just what we need is congress drinking more alcohol. >> i have a wager, with lobster and clam should artery pd i will get jelly and bread. >> i'll have a cheese sandwich. >> giants corner blitz and get them one on one? >> and defense is every bit as good as his. >> some of delegation they called of them a loser. >> consider where it's coming from, no. >> i have no knowledge of that. >> just ask you, how is it in the dome? >> i think it's wrong. >> really? you want to the jam? >> they don't have enough pizza. >> how is the game going to end
5:32 pm
up? >> miami needs the money. >> this conversation would be better if you my what you were talking about. >> are you worried about the secondary. he had a tough time this year. >> and why don't we take a five-minute break? >> superbowl half time show, madonna, will you watch? >> i will watch but i'll be drinking more bud light. >> yeah, hope make sure she keeps other clothes on. >> what is your superbowl tradition? >> to go my daughter's house. >> get together with friends and family. watch it on big screen. pop a lot of chips. >> you are going to get nothing and like it. >> how do you get your fiber?
5:33 pm
>> are you a paying mack? >> bill o'reilly? >> he should object our side. >> bill likes to remind people he went on harvard. >> try to deal with upscale people like bill o'reilly. >> bill was a great supporter up in boston. >> anything you want to say to bill? >> what is the factor zone, there bill o'reilly when we get over there after playing this football. >> i don't know what that means. >> bill: happy hour. i don't know what that means. [ laughter ] all right, a couple of things. where is barney? >> he declined the interview. >> bill: he declined? >> first he called you
5:34 pm
antagonistic and it's none of his business what he is doing on superbowl sunday. >> bill: i really don't want to know. i don't know what he is doing. >> then he gave an official response he goes to foxboro but doesn't mix politics and sports. >> bill: of course not. he is going to give mortgages to the losing team. what bill likes to tell people. he did good at harvard. he did well at harvard. >> bill likes to tell people he went to harvard. >> bill: your piece didn't work well. rangel blew it all up. what is he talking about? it's in indianapolis. barney i don't want to know what you are doing! >> megyn kelly on the fast and
5:35 pm
furious scandal. will it bring down attorney general eric hold every. great clips to show you moments away.
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>> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. attorney general eric holder called to testify in front of a committee today over fast and furious gun scandal. a border patrol agent that was shot dead that was involved with a government sting may file a $25 million wrongful death lawsuit. here is megyn kelly. what happened. >> he went before the committee and was grilled what he ui and when he knew it and where the accountability for this operation fast and furious. this time, there was no direct
5:39 pm
evidence linking him but they are trying to figure out who who approved this program, bill. he still says, they are still investigating. who approved it and who signed off it and lawmakers says it's been 13 months since brian terry died. when the operation was uncovered. we know that already. >> bill: let's recap. this is the fifth time they called holder up. >> sixth. >> bill: and they want to embarrass him. >> because it's political. >> bill: it's a political thing. holder says he doesn't know. >> they are grilling him over the non-production of documents. >> bill: if you don't come up with them. he is going to be contempt with congress. come up with this stuff. it is political in any other way
5:40 pm
than the truth. but holder looks like he just don't know what is going on in something that is vitally important. he says he has appointed the inspector general to investigate this to get to the bottom. apparently he thinks it does. holder says he does not believe the american people have lost faith. that they know it's political. this is basically a witch hunt. >> bill: let me stop you there. that is holder position. they are trying to get me because i'm democrat and close to barack obama. but if the family files a $25 million against the justice department, that is where it would be directed, then holder is going to be deposed? >> no, he will not. >> bill: he will be able to she would from the deposition? >> as matter of law, that claim will stay out. >> first of all he has immunity. >> bill: just like judges.
5:41 pm
>> because we want to protect our public officials wrongful death lawsuits you basically to have maintain this specific risk to this specific decedent was foreseen by the person you are suing. they can't do it. very hard to maintain. >> bill: right now a holding pattern. holder continues to be embarrassed. you need to give the documents over. nobody could like this. it makes him look bad. >> in oakland, we had the occupy think thing in rhode island. there were 400 people arrested. a lot of violence last weekend. two of the protestors are now suing the city of oakland. roll the tape. >> i was arrested saturday evening. i saw many instances of cruelty from what appeared to be robotic monster type people.
5:42 pm
>> when you put people in uniform and tear gas and flash grenades and you are throwing it at innocent people that is called military fascism. >> bill: they are suing the city because of the confrontation that happened because the occupiers were trying to sack city hall. >> it showing them burning flag. they broke in and vandalized but there is also a face of the police. the police used undue force and the police will say it was reasonably necessary to effect calm. let me get to the salient point. which is they also claim when they were jailed that they were denied their medications. they were basically treated like cattle. >> bill: you would be treated like that because there were 400 of you.
5:43 pm
>> like they were denied their hiv medication. >> bill: somebody dumped water on them. >> and people have a right to get treated by human beings. >> bill: but you have to give the police the benefit of the doubt. you said the tape that makes the police look bad. i have not seen that. >> i'm talking about tear gas. a use of force. people can argue. >> bill: once you try to occupy city buildings, thousand people trying to destroy it. what would you do? >> i'm not taking a side on that. the piece that bothers me if you are arresting people, you have to facility you have to treat them like human beings. one person was held for nine hours and denied medication. >> bill: if they could prove
5:44 pm
that but i don't believe a word of it. i don't think they are honest. that is how i'm going down on the side of the cops right now. in a moment the great america news quiz, superbowl. and later, american soldier and his little daughter coming right back. erhing. but why energy? we've got over 100 years worth. is it safe to get it? but what, so we should go broke with imports?
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>> bill: great american superbowl krirz quiz. martha mccallum. >> we are ready. >> you have no excuse. you watched the game. you watched the commercials, i
5:48 pm
know you do. this is a nobody has an advantage. >> you bet kha. >> bill: early ads featured joe namath, which bombshell applied the cream to his face? >> bill: bombshell applying shaving cream and we will roll the tape on the air. >> i'm so excited. i'm here to get creamed. ♪ ♪ >> bill: and he got paid for that. >> you guys got it wrong. farrah fawcett. >> bill: i apologize. you got it wrong.
5:49 pm
>> i used to have poster on my wall. >> bill: i bet you did. arrested development. actor matthew broderick famous role for a superbowl advertisement this year. >> i can i handle worst performance on day like today? >> all right. can i get my crv up. >> broderick? [ laughter ] >> bill: in the original movie what kind of car did he drive in the film? >> answer is "a", ferrari. how did you not know that? it's so famous. who was the teacher?
5:50 pm
ben stein. that is what they were lampooning. are you okay? so you are 0-2. >> and commercial featuring animals is usually popular in the superbowl. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> bill: that was in 2000. and average price this year? >> bill: cards up please and the answer is "c", 3.5.
5:51 pm
doocy is tied with two to go. you are lucky. >> it was a complete guess. >> bill: question number four. >> yes, i do, mr. cavuto. >>. >> bill: don't say that. >> famous xerox ad features monks. i would like 500 more. >> how are you? >> could you do a big job for me. >> bill: who created the rules for the monk. >> bill: cards up please. it's been district.
5:52 pm
mccal sum a catholic. you know the story it was a long time ago. should have known that. all right. so doocy marches into the lead with one to go what company spent the most money on superbowl ads spending $240 million since 2002. >> bill: cards up please. let's roll the tape for the answer. >> we at bud light like most advertisers are going to run a 3-d commercial. here we go. >> actually it tested too well. we concluded that running in this commercial would be inappropriate. so we didn't. you are welcome america! [ laughter ]
5:53 pm
>> bill: doocy wins! debra, pinheads and patriots. very touchingly union tonight between a soldier and his six-year-old daughter. p&p just minutes away. gives up to eight hours of fever relief. allowing your little one to get back to building a better afternoon. children's advil. relief you can trust. my sunglasses.
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are american patriot fleece jackets on sale on bill get them before they sell out. you can wear them into spring. nifty. and become a member and get "killing lincoln" free of charge. get to know old able. he was a great man. we encourage all of our members to grade the factor each evening. we count on your feedback. and now the mail. from louisiana. >> carol, st. george, utah. >> bruce phillips from california. >> as an analyst she's not required to be objective. as i said yesterday about brit hume, opinions are not supposed to be balanced, just factual correct. the facts got to be there if you
5:57 pm
are basing your been on the facts. bill from hampden, massachusetts. >> duke, from italy. >> dan, from california. >> because it's likely to repeat itself, dan. romney has the money. and steven from las vegas. >> people have given him the money. i'm one of them. russ from fredricksburg, virginia. dee. drew from tennessee.
5:58 pm
and from san antonio, texas. >> sub titled aren't going to help you, you just have to go with it. pick up what you can. and from washington. >> you may be the only ones that would like to see me. no, i like seattle. i like seattle but we are trying to get out to the pacific northwest. not easy to do. after less than a day of a less than one day, almost half the tickets for the chicago show on june 23rd are gone. we will be at the rosemont theatre. also i'll see everybody this friday evening in durham, north carolina. in tampa florida on march 11th and melbourne florida on april 6th and 7th. go to, we have links to all the box offices. they are good shows. you will enjoy them. and six-year-old bailey page was in her kindergarten class monday dog show and tell with pictures.
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then this happened. >> and who is this, bailey? >> that's daddy. >> and do you love your daddy? guess what, bailey? turn around. >> dad! how did you make it! i'm happy! >> happy birthday. >> oh, that's my only birthday present that i wanted, is you. >>,, sergeant page and bailey are patriots and so are all the folks at the elementary school in salt lake. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. and then we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, even sardinia. what a nice lace that is. o' name your town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do


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